Beef Infused Sweet Potato Fries


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There’s hardly anything better than a tasty treat or sticking your head out the window and enjoying the cool breeze. If you’re a dog, that is.

But without good nutrition, your pup can quickly lose their spark. That’s why all-natural ingredients are so important. So why not give ‘em something they’ll get excited about? And better yet – a dog treat made with wholesome ingredients? With our beef broth infused sweet tater fries, your pup has plenty of natural goodness to look forward to.

What’s To Love:
  • Loads of sweet potatoes, known for their antioxidants and beta carotene content.
  • The mouthwatering flavor of all-natural beef broth.
  • An undeniably terrific texture.
  • Top shelf treats, handcrafted and responsibly sourced in the USA.

So here’s to more days at the park, enjoying the sunshine, and playing fetch. Buy your furry friend these sweet tater fries and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your pup is getting only the best. They’re sure to love you for it!

Weight 0.3125 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × 6 × 3 in

4 oz

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