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About Us

There’s at least 101 reasons you love your dog. Here at Blue Ridge Naturals, we understand that, because we love dogs too. Our pups are more than just pets — they’re part of the family!

That’s why we’ve been working hard since 1998 to craft 100% natural dog treats that are responsibly sourced from the USA. Treats your four-legged friend will love, and quality you can trust. In fact, we have our own crew of tail-wagging treat testers and they’ve given us the seal of approval. (And yes, they love their job as much as you might think!)

But serving quality dog treats goes far beyond deliciousness. To produce top-notch products, we always start with top-notch ingredients.

Our mission? To completely avoid unhealthy fillers, unnecessary sweeteners, and chemical laden preservatives in every single treat we make. Our dog treats are 100% natural. Period. 

We’re talking about whole vegetables and real, hearty meat. Think nutrient-rich sweet potatoes, creamy peanut butter, wild caught salmon, fresh chicken, and much more.

These healthy ingredients are known to promote cardiovascular health, lubricate joints, and enhance our dogs’ coats. After all, good health starts with good nutrition!

And that’s what we’re all about. We’re the folks at Blue Ridge Naturals and we take pride in giving you and your dogs our very best. Founded by Van H. Brown, we’ve been cooking up recipes since 1998 and love what we do. Family owned and operated, our team handcrafts dog treats in the fresh, clean air of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.


When you purchase any one of our products, you can rest assured that:

  • Every dog treat is 100% natural.

  • Every ingredient is carefully selected from a US source.

  • Every treat is crafted in-house by our dedicated team of dog lovers.

  • Every recipe is a unique, closely guarded family secret.

  • We’ve never compromised our recipes to make an extra buck, and never will.

  • Thanks to the cost, quality, and taste, you’re getting above and beyond value.

All-natural and totally delicious, we can already see your cute pup, politely sitting with bright eyes on the treat jar, ready to perform whatever trick you ask on a dime with our tasty treats on the mind. Choose the delicious but naturally healthy choice today!

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Our company is always finding new ways to use 100% natural ingredients to create dog treats that are healthy and taste great. Be sure to check back here often to see what we’ll come up with next!

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