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We know dogs love to eat when we eat. And it’s tempting to give them our human food, like those fried sweet potato fries that your dog was drooling over. But sometimes, those foods might have additives. Or they’re fried in oils. Certain additives and certain oils are unhealthy for dogs. And many dog treats are surprisingly no better. So, can dogs eat sweet potatoes? With Blue Ridge Naturals, they can!


We made dehydrated sweet potato fries specifically designed to be healthy and satisfy your dog’s cravings for human food so dogs can eat sweet potatoes and other human treats, too. Our Sweet Tater Fries are 100% natural treats made just from sweet potatoes. We’ve picked delicious sweet potatoes and dehydrated them. This preserves their nutrients and seals them in flavor.


What’s To Love About our Sweet Potato Fries Dog Treats:
  • 100% Natural Goodness: Filled with some of the best natural ingredients for canine health.
  • Single-Ingredient Treat: Just delicious and nutritious sweet potatoes in every bite; simple and wholesome.
  • Packed with Nutrition: Full of vitamins and fiber, perfect for your dog’s well-being.
  • For Every Dog: Great for dogs of all ages and sizes – everyone gets a treat!
  • Healthy Skin & Coat: Rich in vitamins that help keep your dog’s skin and coat looking shiny and healthy.
  • Muscle Health Support: A natural source of magnesium, which can be essential for canine muscle function and energy.
  • Easy Digestion: Sweet potatoes are gentle on tummies, making them great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Grain-Free: And naturally delicious, ideal for many dogs with grain sensitivities.
  • Natural Energy Boost: Sweet potatoes are a naturally nutrient-dense superfood, known to be a great source of Vitamins A & C, iron, and fiber.
  • Dental Health: Chewing on these sweet potato dog treats can help keep teeth clean and healthy.
  • No Added Junk: At Blue Ridge Naturals we make our natural dog treats from 100% natural ingredients, and these Sweet Tater Fries are no exception. No artificial colors, flavors, or unhealthy preservatives. Just pure, natural goodness.
  • Amino Acids: Sweet potatoes offer several essential amino acids known to be vital for various canine functions like muscle growth and immune system support.


Our advice? Skip the unhealthy fries. Give your furry friends these healthy, delicious sweet potato chews instead. Click the button above to place your order today!


Here are a few commonly asked questions about sweet potato fries.


Can dogs eat sweet potato fries?

Generally speaking, yes. Most (possibly all) vets agree that dogs can eat sweet potato fries as they are safe for your canine buddy. They’re known as a very healthy dog treat. That said, please consult your vet. We hold to the highest of standards, to make sure our Sweet Tater Fries are as safe and healthy as possible.


Are sweet potato fries healthy for dogs?
Can dogs eat sweet potato fries and remain healthy? A resounding yes! Our sweet potato fries are very safe for dogs, for one. And they’re packed with rich nutrients like vitamin A, iron, vitamin C, fiber, and more. We always recommend asking your vet. After all, your vet knows your dog specifically. But generally, yes – sweet potato fries are known to be healthy for dogs.


Can I give my dog dehydrated sweet potatoes?

As always, ask your vet to make sure. But generally, dehydrated sweet potatoes are known to be a very healthy treat for dogs.


How much cooked sweet potato can a dog have?
It depends on your dog. Ask your vet to learn the exact amount based on your dog’s weight and other information. That said, most vets say to avoid feeding your dog large amounts of sweet potatoes every day. And a “large amount” depends mostly on the size of your dog.


Small dogs should have less than large dogs. Also, when you introduce sweet potatoes or sweet potato treats, it’s best to start with a smaller amount, whatever the size of your dog. Some say 1-2 ounces is okay to start with for most dogs, but again, always consult your vet.


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