Blue Ridge Naturals Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato Bones Dog Treats

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What’s your dog chewing on right now? If you look at the ingredients you might be surprised! Satisfy their chewing urges with something real and straight from nature: our chicken wrapped sweet potato dog bones. Dogs will be dogs, and dogs love to chew stuff. But when your pup has these sweet potato bones to chew, you can worry less about the buttons being chewed off the remote, and even less about what your dog ate to cause that excessive gas.





Sometimes you have to search hard to find those simple and sweet options. With Blue Ridge Naturals, you’ve found it. Our chicken wrapped sweet tater bones are just different. Here’s how.



What’s To Love About Our Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato Bones:
  • Made with the healthiest premium chicken available, sourced responsibly in the USA.
  • Less problems for sensitive stomachs, thanks to flavors provided by nature.
  • They’re packed with vitamins and minerals from our favorite superfood, the sweet potato!
  • Satisfy those chewing urges with wholesome sweet potato bones packed with savory ingredients.
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals from our favorite superfood, the sweet potato, which includes antioxidants known to help boost immunity and more.
  • Top-quality protein, which is known to promote muscle health and energy.
  • Rich in dietary fiber from sweet potatoes, known to aid in healthy digestion and promote regular bowel movements.
  • These treats provide essential amino acids known to support a healthy heart and optimal metabolism in canines.
  • Naturally rich in beta-carotene from sweet potatoes, known to support eye health and vision.



Blue Ridge Naturals is a brand you can trust to provide wholesome treats for your dog. These ingredients are known to build up strong dogs, without filler ingredients and artificial flavors that may upset their digestive system and slow them down. Give your dog the best chicken wrapped sweet tater treats with our Chicken Wrapped Sweet Potato Bones!



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Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 6 × 1.75 in

5 oz, 12 oz

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